Idioms: discover someone’s brains, to acquire suggestions otherwise information by wondering some one closely

Idioms: discover someone’s brains, to acquire suggestions otherwise information by wondering some one closely

an excellent. so you’re able to pluck (the new chain regarding a musical instrument). b. playing (a beneficial stringed instrument) of the plucking toward fingertips. 16. to use a choose or other indicated tool with the some thing. 17. to select very carefully or fastidiously. 18. so you’re able to pilfer; bargain. 19. so you’re able to pluck or collect fruit, plants, an such like. 20. select apart, so you’re able to criticize severely or perhaps in great detail. 21. get a hold of during the, a. to locate fault with; nag. b. to eat sparingly or daintily. c. to understand on; touch; deal with. twenty two. pick-off, an excellent. to get rid of by the pull or plucking out of. b. in order to select and you will capture: The hunter selected regarding an effective duck ascending about marsh. c. Basketball. to put out (a bottom runner) into the a select-off enjoy. 23. look for on, a. so you’re able to criticize otherwise blame; tease; harass. b. so you’re able to single out; choose. twenty-four. select, an excellent. to choose; look for. c. in order to detect (feel otherwise meaning). d. to sort out (a tune) note from the note; gamble of the ear canal. age. to recuperate because of the picking. 25. pick more than, to examine (selection of points) in order to make a choice. 26. collect, a great. so you can elevator and take upwards: to pick up a granite. b. resulting in (a person’s bravery, health, etc.) to recover. d. to look at since a passenger. elizabeth. to create toward range of lobby, observation, etc.: to grab Rome to your an individual’s radio. f. to help you speeds; gain (speed). g. to put in an effective acquisition; clean. h. making improvements; improve: Business is picking right up. we. to become familiar with informally otherwise casually, often into the promise of an intimate matchmaking. j. to resume or keep immediately following being left out of. twenty-seven. pick up on, Everyday. discover; observe. twenty-eight. the operate off going for or wanting; choice; selection: Take your pick. 29. a man or question chose. 31. the new choicest otherwise most desirable region, analogy, or advice: Which pony is the find of the steady. 30. best from choices. thirty-two. the total amount of a crop picked in the a particular go out. 33. a stroke having anything pointed.

[1250–1300; (v.) Middle English pyken, pikken, pekken, c. Dutch pikken, Italian language picken, Old Norse pikka to select; akin to peck dos , pike 5 ; (n.) by-product of v.]

look for dos

step one. much device comprising a curved steel direct tapered so you’re able to a spot in the one or one another stops, connected to a solid wood deal with, and you may useful splitting up surface, rock, etcetera.

dos. one pointed equipment otherwise means to possess selecting: a freeze look for. 4. a brush having a lot of time, extensively spread white teeth. [1300–50; Middle English pikk(e); perhaps version from pike 5 ]

see step three

step one. to help you shed (a coach). 2. (inside the a beneficial loom) one passage through of the fresh new shuttle. 3. just one thread off answering yarn. [1850–60; variant away from mountain step one ]

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yields, give, manufacturing – the quantity of anything (because the a commodity) which is authored (constantly inside confirmed time); “manufacturing is actually right up about 2nd quarter”

material, cloth, textile, situation – artifact made by weaving otherwise felting otherwise knitting otherwise crocheting sheer or artificial fibers; “brand new towel on blinds try light and you will semitransparent”; “woven cloth originated Mesopotamia up to 5000 BC”; “she mentioned from sufficient topic to own a dress”

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